Natural Daylight Solution for Mobile Dental Photography
Natural Daylight Features
COCO Lux - Natural Daylight Features

Color rendering index (CRI) is the index to express how similar a specific light is to natural daylight in percentage. The CRI of natural daylight, therefore, is expressed as 100 Ra. COCO Lux features natural daylight properties (color temperature 5,500K / CRI 90 Ra+) by utilizing LED to take advantages for the accurate shade and color determination.

Adjustable Size and Flash Mode
COCO Lux - Adjustable Size and Flash Mode

COCO Lux is compatible with any kind of mobile / smart phone in use with a width from 55mm to 89mm. Lighting module on COCO Lux is adaptable to two flash modes (ring & twin flash). The curved lighting part is rotating 90 degrees in order to utilize twin flash mode in both vertical and horizontal way.

Easy Sharing
COCO Lux - Easy Sharing

By working with COCO Lux and smartphones, easy sharing diverse pictures with relevant co-working partners becomes a simple and instant task. After sharing such pictures as shade-taking, new patient’s case, restorations, etc., interact with your co-workers and partnerships to discuss on the picture. Higher level of cooperative work is in your hands.

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